Simple pricing. No hidden fees.

Save for free

Save for free without any of those pesky fees, all while earning up to .25% APY1

Invest for $1/mo

Invest for only $1/mo for balances below $5,000 with an additional .35% AUM/mo for balances $5,000+

Higher savings, higher earnings.

Tier 1: 0.01% APY for balances $0-$1,999.99.

Tier 2: .25% APY for balances $2,000 and above.

The interest rate of your Starship Spending Account varies across 2 tiers, and is compounded daily on the end-of-day balance.

No hidden fees. Seriously.

You shouldn’t have to pay to use your own money. With us, you don’t.

  • $0 monthly maintanence fee
  • $0 funds transfer fee
  • $0 account opening fee
  • $0 transaction fee (within the U.S.)
  • $0 minimum balance fee
  • $0 debit card fee
  • $0 reimbursement fee
  • $0 account closing fee

We don’t believe in hiding fees. The only fees you’d ever see are:

  • $1/mo fee for investing (below $5,000)
  • $1/mo + 0.35% AUM fee for investing ($5,000+)
  • ~0.2% ETF management fee
  • 1-3% foreign transaction fee (outside of the U.S.)

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