This is Starship.
A simple, no-fee HSA.

Save 💰 tax-free, spend on care, invest the extra.

Are you an employer?

For Mobile People

An HSA for iOS, Android and web.


Track spending and invest
from a single place.

Safe & Secure

Funds are FDIC-insured and 100% secure.

The starship card

A stylish companion

Pay for any of your healthcare expenses with the Starship card.

All features

Investing that’s built-in and easy.

Answer just a few questions during enrollment and we’ll automatically invest your unused funds into low-fee index funds.

Superior support

Need a hand?

Get help anytime directly from the app. Whenever, wherever.

The all-in-one HSA

We put it all together to make your life easier.

  • Track family spending
  • Attach receipts
  • Apple Pay & Android Pay
  • Easy reimbursements
  • Pay your doctor
  • Absolutely no fees

More features

We’re serious about security

TouchID support, two-step verification, and bank-level encryption come standard.

FDIC-insured deposits

Savings funds are protected by FDIC-insurance and friendly humans.

Invest in your future.

Starship is invitation only. Sign up to get on the waitlist.

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