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Postmates Fleet Relief Fund: what you need to know

Our partner Postmates created a fund to provide members of its Fleet with a relief credit. These credits are to be used for health expenses associated with COVID-19.

In light of recent events surrounding the spread of COVID-19 (novel coronavirus), Postmates has begun providing couriers and merchants with additional resources for managing the potential consequences of this outbreak.

Postmates’ new Fleet Relief Fund provides eligible couriers with access to credits from an emergency relief fund. These funds can be deposited toward an individual’s Starship-powered health savings account (HSA).

How Does it Work?

This Fleet Relief Fund will allow couriers nationwide to take proactive and preventative measures and will provide funds to help cover medical check-ups regardless of whether the courier has been quarantined or diagnosed with COVID-19.


Couriers who have made at least one delivery in the past 14 days are eligible for credits from the Fleet Relief Fund. If deemed eligible, the funds will be deposited into the postmates’ Starship-powered health savings account.

In order to be eligible for credit from the emergency relief fund, postmates must be enrolled in a Starship health savings account (HSA). Any courier who is not currently fully enrolled with Starship but is interested in the emergency relief credit should head to Click on Get Started.

A Note from the Starship Team

Starship is always proud to be partnered with Postmates. But we’re especially pleased to do our part in helping so many hardworking couriers take care of themselves during this unprecedented time.

For more information about who is eligible for a relief credit, how to receive it, and more, head to