Introducing the Starship Virtual Card

Starship is committed to making it easy for you to maximize the benefits of your Health Savings Account (HSA). That’s why we’re excited to announce that you can now add your Starship Visa® Debit Card to your phone’s digital wallet in just a few clicks and more.

How does the Starship Virtual Card work?

Your Starship Virtual Card works for HSA-eligible purchases made online, in an app, or in a store. Use it just as you’d use your physical Starship card. Simply add it to your digital wallet, whether that’s Apple Wallet or Google Pay, and have tax-saving benefits at your fingertips.

Tap-to-pay while shopping in-store

It’s now easier and faster to save when buying health necessities—tap your phone and be on your way.

Use it on countless websites and apps

Next time you’re making an online purchase that’s HSA-eligible, our Virtual Card makes it easy. Instantly access your card number for a seamless checkout experience:

No more waiting for reimbursements

Say goodbye to waiting for the reimbursement to hit your bank account. When your Starship Virtual Card is always with you, using it at checkout means faster, easier savings on HSA-eligible purchases.

We believe that your HSA should be modern, simple, and easy. And the Starship team will keep building new ways for you to save and pay—so that wherever you are in your life, your HSA can work harder for you.

What if I need help?

If you need help accessing or using your Virtual Card, head to our app and start a chat with our support team. Another Starship question? Our support team is all ears.