Phone displaying Starship's digital visa debit card that is next to the tap payment terminal

Add your Starship card to any digital wallet

In today’s digitized world, we believe that your health savings account (HSA) shouldn’t get left in the dust. Now it’s not. We’re excited to announce that your Starship Visa Debit Card can now be added to Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Digital wallet newbie? Here’s how they work

What’s a digital wallet anyway? In short, it’s a one-stop-mobile-payment-shop through which you can turn your physical card into a digital card on your phone.  iPhone user? Use the Wallet app to add your Starship card to Apple Pay. Android user? Use the Google Pay or Samsung Pay apps.

Once you’ve added your Starship card to a digital wallet, you’ll never have to worry about forgetting your card at home again. Make in-store payments by simply tapping your phone against the payment terminal at checkout, or make digital in-app and web payments when you see the Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay buttons on the checkout screen.  You. Basically, a digital wallet is the best alternative to a physical wallet since… ever.

Here’s why we think you’ll love adding your Starship card to a digital wallet.


Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless payments were a widely used payment method. But in the past year, germ-conscious customers and workers alike have needed to adapt to the new norms of social distancing. 

Digital wallets allow you to tap your phone at the payment terminal while avoiding any human-to-human contact. As healthcare is becoming increasingly on the go, the contactless nature of digital wallets allows for ample accessibility while keeping your wellbeing front of mind.


We understand that you may not have your Starship card on you all the time. Don’t get us wrong, we’re very proud of our beautiful card. You probably even look forward to taking it out of your wallet (it really is that pretty). But, you’re probably not always thinking about your healthcare spend as much as your weekly groceries or gas. So we get that your Starship card may get left at home from time to time. That’s where your digital wallet comes in.

Whether at the doctor’s office or the pharmacy, if you’ve added your Starship card to your digital wallet, you can rest assured it’ll be ready to help pay for those HSA-eligible services and items whenever and wherever you may be.


Cards stored in digital wallets can actually be more secure than their plastic counterparts. When you pay this way, you often have to first authenticate yourself via your phone’s FaceID, TouchID, or Pincode. 

Additionally, when making a transaction with a digital wallet, sensitive data is replaced with a token or unique value. In lamen’s terms: card numbers, be-gone. A merchant or bystander will not see your card number, reducing potentially fraudulent charges and/or scams.

Starship has always placed a special interest and investment in the consumer experience, and this update to include digital wallet solutions aligns with that notion. We hope you enjoy it!