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The Fundamentals

What is Starship?
Starship is a modern health savings account (HSA) that makes saving for your health super easy, but without the pesky hidden fees. It’s got all the tools you need to save, spend, and invest for your health – including the Starship Visa Card®, our powerful iOS and Android apps, automated savings and investing, and customer support that really cares.
What is a health savings account (HSA)?
Health savings accounts (HSAs) are like personal savings accounts, except that the money in them is used to pay for eligible health expenses. They were created in 2003 to help individuals and families offset the growing costs of healthcare. At Starship, we like to consider HSAs the crown jewel of tax-deferred accounts. Contributions to an HSA are not taxed, funds in them grow tax-free, and distributions for eligible health expenses aren’t taxed either.
How is Starship different from other HSAs?
We believe that making smart health spending and saving choices should be affordable, easy, and even fun. That's why Starship removes all of those pesky, hidden fees that most HSAs charge. We're determined to help you maximize the growth of your funds through higher interest rates and automatic investing in low-cost, reputable funds.
What are the benefits of HSAs?
One of the greatest benefits of health savings accounts is their triple-tax advantage – contributions into your account are tax-deductible, the growth on investments is tax-free, and spending on eligible health expenses also aren't taxed. Health savings accounts can also act as emergency funds for unexpected health expenses, providing a safety net during tough moments. Additionally, the funds in your health savings account stay with you forever. Unlike a flexible spending account (FSA), unused money in your HSA isn’t forfeited at the end of the year.
Who can use Starship?
We believe that everyone should have access to the best financial wellness possible. That’s why we built Starship, for traditional employees and freelance workers alike. However, there are a few basic requirements to make contributions into a health savings account (HSA). To make HSA contributions, you must be a taxpayer in the United States, 18 years of age or older, enrolled in an HSA-eligible high-deductible health insurance plan (HDHP), without Medicaid or Medicare benefits. For more info on eligibility, visit starshiphsa.com/eligibility.
Do I need a specific health insurance plan?
It’s required to have an HSA-eligible high-deductible health plan (HDHP) in order to add new contributions to your health savings account (HSA). The IRS defines eligible plans as follows: 1) Minimum Deductible: $1,400 Single, $2,800 Family 2) Out-of Pocket Limit: $6,900 Single, $13,800 Family. We understand this can be a bit confusing. If you aren’t sure that your plan is HSA-eligible, we recommend giving your provider a call!
Does Starship charge fees?
You shouldn’t pay to use your own money, which is why Starship’s Spending Account is totally free – no minimum balance, no monthly fees, no extra card fee. Here's the one thing: when you invest, we do charge a small fee. We're as transparent as possible about it: you pay 0.5% on the funds in your Starship Investing Account. You also pay the small fee that's built into the low-fee ETFs we purchase for you — about 0.2%. This way, we only win when you do.

The Card

What kind of card is the Starship card?
Your Starship Visa Debit Card is formatted for health savings accounts and can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted for eligible health expenses. The card cannot be used at ATMs or to obtain cash, and purchases that exceed your available balance will be declined. You can view and manage your balance to always know where you stand directly in the Starship app.
Where can I use my Starship card?
You can use your available spending balance for eligible health purchases, which generally include payments for doctor’s visits, dental, vision, prescription medications, therapy, and more. But what most people don’t know is that there are 1,000’s of other everyday items that you can pay for with your health savings dollars.
Can I get an extra card?
Of course! Health savings accounts are designed to help both you and your family save and spend on healthcare. As the primary account owner, you will remain liable for any and all usage of any extra cards associated with your Starship account. You can easily add an additional cardholder from the Starship app, simply navigate to the Settings > Individuals section and follow the steps.


How do I fund my Starship account?
There are a couple of ways to fund your Starship account. Money may be directly deposited into your Starship Spending Account through your employer’s payroll deduction (if your employer participates in direct deposit), or you can schedule recurring and one-time deposits by linking a checking or savings account from the Starship app. If you want to transfer funds to Starship from an existing HSA, MSA, or IRA, you can easily do this from the app as well.
What are contribution limits?
Due to the major tax benefits of a health savings account, you can only contribute a limited amount to your Starship account each year. In 2020, the limit is $3,550 for single and $7,100 for family. People over age 55 are allowed to contribute an extra $1,000 on top of that.
How do I transfer an existing account over to Starship?
HSA or MSA funds can be transferred to Starship and will continue their tax-free status. To move funds from a previous provider to Starship simply fill out our transfer form, which can be found in the Starship app. Once your form is loaded into the system, we will process it within 1-3 business days to your original bank. From there, it can take up to 30 business days for the funds to drop into your account.
How do I reimburse health expenses?
Forgot your Starship card or couldn’t use it when paying for care? If you ever need to pay yourself back for eligible health expenses, simply request a reimbursement right from the Starship app. Just tap on the big “+”, select “Reimburse”, enter the information requested, take a photo of your receipt. Boom! Your reimbursement will post to your linked bank in 1-3 business days.
Do I have to save my receipts?
We recommend you save all your receipts in case the IRS audits your Starship account. You’ll need to show that your purchases were made on eligible health expenses and that expenses were not reimbursed elsewhere. Starship makes it easy to upload attach receipts to transactions from the app.
What are Starship's interest rates?
The interest rate of your Starship Spending Account varies across 2 tiers, and is compounded daily on the end-of-day balance. Tier 1: 0.01% (APY of .01%) for balances $0-$1,999.99. Tier 2: .25% (APY of .25%) for balances $2,000 and above.

Starship Investing

How do I add funds to my Starship Investing Account?
After building the investment portfolio for your Starship Investing Account, simply set-up automatic investments by defining a savings threshold. Once your Starship Spending Account exceeds this threshold, all of your extra funds will automatically transfer to your Starship Investing Account. If you’d like to invest all of your health savings funds automatically, set your savings threshold to $0.
What is Starship's investment strategy?
Diversification. Each of our portfolios is diversified across asset classes, which means less risk, higher return. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFS) ensure diversification within assets and across them, too! Passive management. We like to keep things simple, and believe the old ‘buy and hold’ strategy is still the best (trusting long-term investments without influence by short-term market fluctuations). You make the rules. Before you start investing, you’ll answer a short questionnaire about risk levels and current savings. This lets us recommend a portfolio just for you.
What's a portfolio?
A portfolio is a select combination of investments, often stocks or bonds that you own. Stocks are shares of ownership in a business. Bonds are a debt investment where an investor loans money to a business or government for a defined period of time and interest rate.

Security & Privacy

Are my deposits FDIC insured?
Of course. The balances you keep are protected by the friendly folks over at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), protecting you against the loss of your insured deposits up to $250,000.
Is my money and data secure?
We take your security seriously and we’re committed to exceeding all industry standards in this arena. Our 256-bit SSL/TLS certificate encrypts all information transmitted between your browser and our web servers, and the balances you keep are always protected by the friendly folks over at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). This means that means you’re protected against the loss of your insured deposits up to $250,000. Basically, we got you.
What is Starship's fraud policy?
Debit card fraud can be a scary subject. That’s why we've built a lot of features to stop fraud in its tracks. However, if something happens, we’ve got your back. If you ever suspect fraud, you can freeze and unfreeze your card from the Starship app. Your Starship Debit Card is also covered by Visa’s Zero Liability policy,1 and you aren’t liable for unauthorized transfers either, as long as you report them to us promptly. If you notice something fishy with your Starship account, please contact support immediately at support@starshiphsa.com.

What about…

Do I really need to have a smartphone?
No, but you’ll get a lot more out of your Starship account with our iOS and Android app. It’s required for attaching receipts to transactions, tagging transactions, making reimbursements, and more. Although it is possible to enroll, view your account balance, access statements and track transactions through the website,, Starship is designed to offer our customers immediate access to their money wherever they are. Our app makes this possible.
How is Starship working with nbkc bank?
nbkc bank is Starship’s banking partner, and they hold and secure the funds in your Starship Spending Account. nbkc bank believes in our vision and the course we have set to transform the industry. Working with them gives us the resources, scale, and autonomy we need to accelerate our growth while staying true to our mission.
Does Starship integrate with Mint or Personal Capital?
Not yet, but we are working on it.
Does Starship offer checks?
We currently don't offer checks or checkbooks. If paying with your Starship card is not an option for a specific merchant, complete the purchase by paying out of pocket and reimbursing yourself from the Starship app.
Does Starship offer bill pay?
Right now, Starship doesn’t offer bill pay. However, we’re working on it and we think you’re gonna love it.
Can I use my card at ATMs?
No. Your Starship Visa Debit Card cannot be used at ATMs. Funds in your Starship Spending Account can only be used to pay for eligible health expenses. Any attempt to withdraw funds from an ATM or point of sale will be declined.

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