Phone displaying Starship mobile app investing screen

The easiest way to invest your HSA funds is here

Since launching Starship, one of the most requested features was a smarter, more automated way to invest. 

Starship’s new investing approach is a fully integrated investing platform built right into the existing Starship app. You can enroll in an investing account in a matter of seconds, choose your investment strategy based on your risk tolerance, automatically transfer funds from your spending account (and back), and track your investments over time—all in the Starship app. 

And you won’t break the bank doing it. Investing is $1 per month up to $5,000 invested plus 0.35% of your assets under management (AUM) greater than $5,000. Plus, there is no minimum to invest. Start with a dollar if you’d like, that’s cool with us!

Phones displaying Starship mobile app investing screens

How our automated investing works

  1. Enrolling in a Starship spending account takes just a few minutes.
  2. Scroll down in the app to start the investing enrollment process.
  3. Answer a handful of questions that will help our automated investment adviser suggest a portfolio for you based upon your risk tolerance and financial situation.
  4. Initiate a transfer and get to investing.

Once enrolled, you can easily track your investing performance over time, move funds, or make changes to your investments, all from the Starship app. It really is that simple.

Behind the scenes

It’s often true that tools that are very simple often take the most effort behind the scenes. And Starship’s new, automated investing is no exception. 

While we’ve taken many steps to bring fully-integrated investing to you, we’ve left the complicated parts in the background to make it as easy as possible for you to invest your HSA funds.

First and foremost, your money is secure with Starship. We are a fully licensed investment adviser registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

We also have your back on funds transfers. It can be confusing trying to understand the difference between the investing and spending parts of your HSA. We take the confusion out by clearly showing what’s in your spending account and what’s in your investing account, all in one place.

Last but certainly not least, we design our technology to work for you. From the DriveWealth engine powering your investment account to the tight integration with both our app and spending platform, you can rest assured that we have done the hard stuff to ensure that you can do the easy stuff.

We’re just getting started

Starship’s investing approach has caught on with our customers. We created Starship with the whole HSA experience in mind. This launch is the latest achievement in our commitment to changing the way we think about and managing our health dollars. We believe there will be many more to come.

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