Two screenshots of Missions on the website and in the mobile app.

Introducing Missions

Starship’s newest feature allows users to receive HSA contributions from anyone. Welcome to Starship Missions.

Today we’re excited to announce that every Starship user can now ask their friends, family, neighbors, and even their employer, to contribute to their health savings account (HSA) using Starship Missions.

Since enabling this feature late last year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the thousands of people who have set up a Mission to save for the expected, like glasses or braces; and the unexpected, too, like medical bills. It’s a revolution in the direction of the way we believe HSAs should work–and we’re excited to offer yet another way to help people take full advantage of them.

We built Missions to be super simple to use. Anyone who scans your QR code or clicks your unique link will be able to add funds to your Missions health goal via Apple Pay, debit, or credit card. It’s that easy. If you’ve ever used something like Venmo® or the Cash App®, then you’re all caught up. 

Health goals can be as public or as private as you want them to be, and all contributions are tax-advantaged. You can even personalize your health goal.

Two phones showing two different screenshots of the mobile app screens for the Missions feature.

Who can create a health goal?

All verified users running the latest version of Starship can set up a Missions health goal in the app and collect funds by sharing a personalized link with friends and family. Just click on the bullseye in the app’s bottom menu to get started.

Are Missions tax-advantaged?

You bet. All contributions to an HSA are fully tax-deductible by the recipient, which means you’re reducing your taxable income and saving for everyday health expenses at the same time.

Who can contribute?

Anyone. Seriously. Starship is the only HSA that lets others contribute to your account using a credit or debit card, depositing funds directly into your account via the Starship’s Missions platform.

What if I need help?

If you have any questions about Missions or Starship in general, just head to the app and start a chat with our support team!

We continue to work hard to help people get ahead. Let us know what you think and happy saving.