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How to Save Money with the Amazon HSA/FSA Shop

Smarter spending means bigger savings, and that's especially true when it comes to using your health savings account. Here's how to spend smarter and save bigger using Amazon's HSA/FSA shop.
by Tess Taylor September 15, 2020

Since the onset of the coronavirus outbreak, I’ve done almost all of my household shopping online. First, it was convenient as I do most of my shopping online these days. Second, New York was on lockdown and I did not want to put my health at risk trying to find things in local stores. 

One of the websites that I spent the most time on happened to be While I was perusing Amazon Prime deals and taking advantage of some of the coupons over on the pantry side, I happened to come across something new that’s featured at Amazon.

It’s called the Amazon HSA/FSA Shop and it is a complete category of its own where smart consumers like us are using flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and health savings accounts (HSAs) to make purchases.

This is such a cool and unexpected feature, I thought I’d spread the love and help you get oriented to start using it for your own approved purchases! There’s a bit to it, so here goes.

Finding Your Way Around Amazon’s FSA/HSA Shop

To find the “shop” itself, simply navigate over to on your web browser or in the Amazon app. Type into the search form “HSA” and pick “FSA or HSA Eligible Products”. 

There you will find the main page for the entire shop, complete with a breakdown of available (and totally eligible!) products.

You can even enter your HSA card information here so that it’s all set up and ready for payment. 

If you select “Add your card” you are taken to your account and you can add your Starship HSA VISA card here. It takes just a minute or so. 

Searching for products on the Amazon FSA/HSA Shop is just as easy as searching for any other product on this platform. Just select from any of the categories or search in the top search menu. However, here’s a little trick I learned. Just under the banner for adding your HSA card are the words “WHAT’S ELIGIBLE?” If you select this, you are taken to a massive list of subcategories of all the products you can purchase with your FSA or HSA! It’s in alphabetical order, which makes it convenient for finding products fast. 

Making a Purchase with Your Starship Card

If you’re ordering a few things on Amazon, including an HSA-eligible purchase, make sure you process separate orders. You’ll have the option during checkout to pay for your entire online cart with one credit card… but that’s not great, since your Starship should only be used for HSA-eligible products!

Hopefully, Amazon will correct this in the future so consumers can choose what card to use for HSA approved items in their carts, but for now, just be mindful of this. 

So far, I’ve saved a ton of money on items I use all the time. Like blue-light blocking glasses I like to wear to save my eyes from computer strain. They’re HSA approved and I’m always looking for new styles. I also save money on feminine hygiene products that I have shipped right to my door.

Fave Feature on Amazon

My favorite feature of the Amazon FSA/HSA Shop is found on the home page, in the section called “Discover Little Known Eligible Items”, which is very educational and opened my mind up about spending my Starship account dollars responsibly. 

There are so many health and wellness products that I never considered would be covered. For example, I recently had some trouble with adult acne (ugh) and wanted to get one of those new therapy lights to treat it. My skincare specialist has one and she said they range around $99 on up. But guess what? I found one on Amazon for $17. Boom.


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