What is Starship?

Sometime in 2016, after hearing countless friends and family express frustration with their HSA, and then getting one of his own, Sean Engelking called up his friend Adam Pruden to talk about how he was getting on with his HSA. They talked about the poor design, long hold times, weird rules, the lack of a mobile app and constant fear of getting fleeced with hidden fees. They also talked about how, despite amazing tax treatment, not a single provider has made it easy to invest health savings deposits, if they even offered the option at all.

After a few months of talking, they decided to do something about it. The idea was simple: as more and more Americans find themselves with high-deductible health plans, requiring more to pay out-of-pocket with their HSAs, then let’s create an HSA that’s better in every possible way. One that’s modern, thoughtful, and if at all possible, fun.

They started the company, brought on another co-founder, Christoph Oberhofer, and began interviewing HR managers, brokers, industry veterans and anyone they could find with an HSA of their own to really understand how to build the perfect HSA.

Over time it was clear that the HSA of the future had to have the following characteristics:

– Investments should be built-in, and effortless
– There should be absolutely no hidden fees for employees or employers
– It should be mobile-first and available anywhere
– It must to be educational, beautiful, secure and fun
– Record keeping should be available in one place
– Utilize AI and enable self-service where possible
– It should keep HR and employees completely in sync

We’re on a mission to build the best HSA in the world. Email us at hello@starshiphsa.com to learn how we can help you make the best of your health plan.

Invest in your future.

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